The Wig Exchange

The Wig Exchange San Francisco Bay Area connects wig donors to women diagnosed with cancer through its innovative program and a network of partners, friends and supporters.  We’ve been delighted with our early successes.  We’ve received truly positive feedback from many of the wonderful people we’ve worked with, validating our original concept.


“Wanted to say thank you, again!  Mom has her wig on to go to chemo today.  Also, we have a playdate at the house, too.  She can feel attractive instead of like the kids are afraid of her “chemo hair”.  You ladies are angels!!”

“I am delighted that someone else might get some use from my wigs and feel very good about letting them go….my keeping them was super irrational and unhealthy. I believe that giving them up is a big step and I thank you for making it possible.”

“It was cathartic for me to give my wigs away! Great idea- if you need any help running the operation I’m available.”

“It is wonderful to be able to give those who have quality wigs and a desire to recycle/share them with other in need the opportunity to do so through your organization. Thank you to all those involved as volunteers – you are doing a great service which is much needed.”

Women who we’ve found high quality wigs for

“I truly appreciate your enthusiasm in helping me find a wig on such short notice…..Your interest, concern and willingness to help women with cancer look better and feel better about themselves is wonderful.  What you are doing is so inspiring to me that I would also like to help you in any way that I can.”

“One of the women who use our support services called today to share how wonderful her experience was at The Wig Exchange.  She shared how incredibly kind and caring Kate was in helping her.  She went on to tell me that she received a fabulous high quality wig, scarves and accessories. She is beyond grateful for the difference this is making in her life.”

“Thank you so much for this good work you do for people with cancer.  I love The Wig Exchange concept because it is so down to earth and practical.”

“I very much appreciate this wonderful service you and others provide to women like myself who were diagnosed with breast cancer, have to go through chemotherapy, and have your organization to turn to. I can’t thank you enough.”

 Friends & Supporters

“We cannot thank you enough for all that you and the women of The Wig Exchange SF Bay Area do to help women with cancer.”

“Thankfully, I neither have a wig to donate nor require one at this time – but was so touched and impressed by this fantastic idea.  I am proud to be part of a community where people are working together this way.  Congratulations on launching this wonderful initiative.”

“What an outstanding idea!  


With appropriate support The Wig Exchange San Francisco Bay Area will continue to grow and fill a much needed role in our local communities. Please support us.