The Wig Exchange

Make another woman’s journey a little easier by donating your wig.

If you’ve been through chemotherapy, you understand how upsetting hair loss can be. You may also know how much a high quality wig costs, making it unaffordable for many women. The Wig Exchange was created to provide a meaningful way for women to recycle their gently used wigs while helping other women facing cancer.

If you have a new or gently-used, high-quality wig that you’d like to donate to The Wig Exchange you can mail your wigs to: TWE, 916 Kingston Avenue, Piedmont, CA 94611. Once we receive your wig we will send a letter of receipt.  Please use this letter, along with any original receipts, to claim a tax deduction for the donation.  Our offices are located at:  TWE, 4312-18 MLK Blvd, Suite A, Oakland, CA – but we are unable to receive packages here, so please mail to the Piedmont address.  Your donation will help to ease another woman’s journey with cancer.

What happens when I donate my wig?

  1. We’ll provide you with detailed information on where to send your wig.
  2. Every wig is then professionally cleaned and reconditioned so it’s hygienic
    and looks like new.
  3. The wig is photographed and displayed in our online Wig Salon.
  4. When a wig is selected, our coordinator will provide the recipient with her wig, a stand,
    wig care products, accessories and instructions.
  5. When her treatment is finished, the recipient returns the wig and the process starts again.

Plus, your donation to The Wig Exchange—in the form of a wig, accessories or monetary contributions—is tax deductible to the extent of the law. Please confirm details with your accountant or financial advisor. We can provide you with a letter for tax purposes confirming receipt of your donated wig.