The Wig Exchange

Narda Skov, MPH

Role: Program Coordinator,  San Francisco Bay Area

About me: I am a native San Franciscan and I lived, worked and studied on the east coast for fifteen years.  I am a health care advocate and currently work in Health Education with adolescents in the East Bay.  I am married and have three grown children who are very active and busy with their college school work, sports and other hobbies.  In my spare time I take long walks, cook, do yoga and spend time with my family and friends.  I serve on a number of different boards that support young women’s leadership, adolescent and women’s health and art programs here in the SF Bay Area.

Why I got involved? I got involved in The Wig Exchange because of my very dear friend Sandy Samberg who is one of the co-founders of The Wig Exchange in New York.  I have known Sandy for fifteen years and since moving back home from New York to the SF Bay Area I have watched Soul Ryeders, then The Wig Exchange, grow and serve women in need. I was increasingly inspired to help expand The Wig Exchange’s mission to the west coast.  I am also a survivor of Melanoma and having a number of surgeries to remove it, am constantly aware and vigilant about how cancer affects everyone.  The work with cancer patients and supporting them is very important to me and my family.  My mother in law passed away from breast cancer at a very young age and I was never able to meet her, but my aunt, sister in law and many friends have been touched by this disease.  It is because of all of these women that I feel compelled and driven to become involved.

What makes The Wig Exchange special? What makes The Wig Exchange special is more than the wigs we loan out, it is the support services we inform clients about or even beyond the notion of survivors helping the newly diagnosed. It is also that we facilitate a remarkable aspect of how every woman touched by cancer wants to reach out and help no matter where they are in their treatment process.